Must-Have Event Management Apps



With any event it’s inescapable that you will have various significant archives – lists of attendees, booking confirmations, risk evaluations. Using Dropbox means that you can sync all your important event documents across all your devices. Storing all of your important event documents online also means that they can be accessed by the rest of your team, implying that nobody is ever gotten short without access to fundamental.



Planning an event is a creative process – which means you’re no stranger to having great ideas pop into your head at any time of the day. Evernote allows you to gather last minute ideas, handwritten scribbles or bookmarked websites together in one place. Evernote even has search functionality, so you won’t be caught short hunting through your notebook to show a client that killer idea.



Social media is now an integral part of most events. Hootsuite is a great social media management app that enables you to manage tweeting, posting, liking and responding to comments before, during and after your event. Having the ability to monitor multiple social streams from one place is great for saving time and helps with your efficiency.


Toptable Planner

Event seating plans can be the make or break of an event. Toptable Planner enables you to create and edit seating plans on the go. This app lets you share your table plans directly with the rest of your team or client, and can be edited at the click of a button.



Wunderlist is the ultimate ‘to-do list’ app. It’s inevitable that as you get closer to the event your to-do list will grow. Using this app means that you can access and add to your to-do list at any time of the day. You can also make notes, set up reminders and notifications and share your to-do list with your team. There is even chat functionality, so you can delegate jobs to your teammates while on the move.




Pinterest is one of the best apps around if you’re looking for creative inspiration for your event. Save yourself hours spent searching the Internet for unusual table decorations or décor by searching Pinterest using appropriate hashtags like #eventsideas, #eventsdécor or #eventsdecoration. All the inspiration you need is there, ready and waiting.



Gotomeeting lets you work anytime, anywhere. This app lets you host or schedule a teleconference or video conference right from your phone or tablet. So, if you and your team, or client live out of town or interstate – you can save valuable travel time and budget by running your meeting online.


Scanner Pro

If you’re out of the office and need to scan some important documents, like contracts, don’t worry about having to spend time hunting down a local printing shop or internet café. Scanner pro is a great app that turns your phone or tablet into a portable scanner. This app allows you to scan paper documents, turning them into professional looking PDF’s.


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